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Discipline, All You Need!

Last Friday, spontaneously I called up my Julie and Marissa for a late supper again. I haven’t been seeing them for a couple of months and I love catching up with them.

I was surprised to see that Julie managed to get rid of another 2kg since the last time I see her. her weight has been plummeting steadily for 6 months. I wondered if she takes any special pill but according to her, it is all due to rope skipping and taking no sugar in her beverages!


Amazing! All we need is a little discipline to achieve our ideal weight.   

Upset Tummy

I have been feeling gassy lately with uncomfortable stomach. It might due to the spicy and oily food I had lately and the midnight snack!

All those unhealthy food aren’t good for my bowel and system. Maybe I should do something about it like detoxification. If only I have the discipline to carry out the whole process!

Maybe it is easier to stay away from sinful food instead!

Back Home Soon


I have not been going back to my hometown for more than a month! It has been busy month for me as every week was full of activities.


Thinking of making a trip home and I was hoping to catch my brother during this weekend as I haven’t seen him for months! However he told me that he would not be back to hometown again as he has to attend some training.

Maybe next weekend?

Daily Walk

I have to walk quite a distance to my office everyday from the bus stop. As the road is quite bumpy and rough, my high heel’s base wear off pretty fast. I am thinking of wearing more comfortable shoes instead of high heels to protect my feet and knee.Or maybe I should find an alternative way to get to my office instead!

My many stationaries

My colleague marvels at the number of stationeries I have on my cubicle. I’d like to have my own colourful highlighters, scissors, ruler, stapler, mechanical pencil and even safety knife! In my previous company, I even have my own box cutter as I used it often.

But the one thing I hate is to have my colleagues borrowing my stationary without ever returning them back!

I want to Rest

All I want to do now is to crawl to my bed to have a good rest. I am feeling extremely tired from work today, having a high work load today. I didn’t even go out for lunch but my colleague bought a sandwich for me.

But I have to pack for tomorrow activities and do some stuff before I can rest. There is so much to things to do this weekend as well. I doubt I have time for proper rest. :(

Control Freak

I didn’t realize how much of a control freak I am until recently. I like to make decisions and make sure that everything is under control the way that I am comfortable with. I don’t like to be someone who follow other’s lead but to decide and be prepared at all circumstances.
I don’t know when have I became like that as I remember I wasn’t so rigid in the past. I even have to control to find out the scrum software when I heard that my company is looking for one.


I wish I can just step back and let others do the task sometimes instead. There’s pros and definitely cons as well.

Flea Market Finds

Last weekend, after nearly a year of last visit to our favourite flea market in Amcorp mall, we decided to give it a visit. After all, he loves to pick out antiques and old toys for his collection.

Guess what he nearly bought this time? An old transformer figure. He was excited when he sees it and spent nearly a couple of hours evaluating and appreciating it. However after much consideration on whether he will really use it and the suitable place to store it, he decided heavy heartedly that he doesn’t need to own it

But he couldn’t resist to a couple of toys for his collection though which he got for a bargain!

Sleepy Head..

It’s an extremely sleepy day for me today as I slept quite late in yesterday night. I have to practically pull myself out of the bed this morning and landed myself in the shower to keep my eyes open. I felt like a zombie at work and repeating all those mundane job that just made me feel even sleepier.

I am thinking of researching on how to increase the traffic to my website but seems like I better postpone it to this weekend, after enough rest of course!

Please, let weekend be here soon!



I Am Tired

Lately I realized that there isn’t much of personal time for myself. I guess I have been stretching myself too far at work and have been putting on extra hours. Sometimes after work, I catch up with my friends and have dinner with them after work.

For example, I come home around 10.45pm and I have to shower and get some chores done before hitting the bed. There isn’t much time for myself for quality personal time. I don’t even have time to look at the new insurance that my friend proposed.

Looks like I need better time management or else I’ll get too tired and grouchy!

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